5 steps to a romantic summer night for any couple

Summer is naturally a great time for romance. Couples can toss their bulky winter sweaters and coats in favour of blessedly less clothing and relax with a good dose of sun, heat, food and drinks.

“Summer brings people out of hibernation,” says Ashley L. Williams, sales manager at Seduction on Yonge Street in Toronto. “They want to be out and socialize with other people. The sun is out for a longer time, extending the day. It’s also an ideal time for dressing cute, having drinks out on a patio, talking, walking and generally enjoying each other’s time.”

Couples should take advantage of the warm summer weather and plan a romantic night out, says Seduction's sales manger Ashley L. Williams.
Couples should take advantage of the warm summer weather and plan a romantic night out, says Seduction’s sales manger Ashley L. Williams.  (ISTOCK)

The season is also a prime opportunity for couples to rekindle their intimacy. Here, Williams offers up an easy plan to spice up one-on-one time this summer.

1. Start relaxing.  

Sometimes, all it takes is a drink or two to unwind after a long work day, and fun, fruit-filled summer cocktails are a great way to kick back with a partner. “Help yourselves to a pitcher or two of Sangria,” says Williams. Toronto is known for its bustling summer patio scene, so grab a table outside your favourite spot and tip back a glass while slowly forgetting the stressors of the day.

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2. Have a conversation.

Discussing ways to heat up time in the bedroom can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. No need to overthink things – a low-key chat with your partner can help you find common ground and rediscover what your interests or boundaries are. Plus, a little sexy talk goes a long way, building excitement for what can happen later at home.

3. Get shopping.

Visit one of Seduction’s two Toronto store locations (at 577 Yonge St. or 493 Queen St. W) before heading home for ideas on how to spice up your night. “In the three-level store, your imagination starts to wander and discover all the possibilities,” says Williams. “Even if you’re not interested in toys, Seduction has so much more to offer: cute lingerie, massage oil and more.”

4. Ask for help.

The sheer volume of items available in a store like Seduction can feel overwhelming to a first-timer, but rest assured that the staff are knowledgeable, professional and there to help. “[They] can help narrow down options to make your decision that much easier,” says Williams. “Honestly, don’t be shy because the staff have really heard it all.”

5. …And repeat.

A romantic night out (or in) is great fuel for any relationship, but it shouldn’t stop there. All season long, there are opportunities to prioritize intimate time with a loved one. Plan some more future date nights around your shared interests – and the great weather. “I typically start my plans with walking, talking and having some food,” says Williams. “If I have the opportunity to sit on the beach for a few hours, that’s where you’ll find me during the day. Then I like to end my night off with dinner and drinks on a patio and maybe something from an ice cream truck before I head home, where the magic happens. That’s my version of a perfect summer night.”